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My Approach

My Sadhana means spiritual practice in Sanskrit which is any action that brings you closer to source, the creator, god, or whichever name you choose to use. The ancient practice of yoga is one the main tools to support someone's sadhana because it focuses on how you treat yourself as well as other people and the world around you in an effort to use your inner peace as a catalyst for the creation of a new, better reality. 


However, everyone's journey is different so why should yoga be placed inside such a tiny box that looks more like an exercise than a union with the source of creation? While a yoga studio class offers a gateway into self discovery, it has limitations on how it can directly and personally address your challenges.


My Sadhana provides a direct outlet to expand your spiritual development whether its by improving your own health or passing along knowledge as a teacher. It does this through one-on-one sessions with certified yoga instructor and Ayurvedic wellness counselor, Casey Connelly. 

Casey works with you by assessing your needs, from your current health conditions to spiritual goals, allowing you to move through turbulent times with grace and appreciation. 

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