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Kundalini Yoga Poses to Activate the 7 Chakras

Our bodies contain flows of energy that when misaligned and blocked can lead to serious mental and physical illness while halting our spiritual growth. These channels filter through the hubs of our major organs and body parts called chakras.

We can use these chakras to heal ourselves by meditation using prana (the life force of breath) and asanas (yoga poses that realign energy flow).

Mixing pranayama (breathing exercises) and yoga postures (asanas) using a Kundalini Yoga set can activate your chakras and lead to a Kundalini Awakening.

What is Kundalini Yoga?

You may have heard of the term Kundalini rising— this is the purpose of Kundalini Yoga: to unleash the energy (Kundalini Shakti) within you that will slowly rise up your spine. This process activates all of the 7 chakras to conduct a supreme enlightenment.

To succeed with your Kundalini Yoga experience, discipline through consistency and devotion is needed.

Kundalini Yoga poses exist within the practice of Kriya Yoga and meditation techniques. Practiced for thousands of years, Kriya has been used to release the Kundalini Shakti and accelerate a spiritual awakening.

Specific poses, hand movements (mudras), and chanting (mantras) are used in combination with deep breathing exercises while focusing on each chakra.

How to Start Kundalini Yoga?

The benefits of Kundalini Yoga require you to commit yourself spiritually to the practice. Therefore, this type of yoga is not used solely for physical fitness or as an occasional yoga class.

Once you decide to start Kundalini Yoga, you should prepare yourself for the ultimate result of transformation. So, proper research should be conducted on the energy flow of chakras and how to awaken Kundalini.

Your Kundalini Yoga should begin by focusing on the base of your spine at the root chakra (Muladhara) then, while concentrating on the auras of each chakra energy, imagine the Kundalini (represented by a serpent) unwinding and rising up to your seventh chakra, the crown (Sahasrara). Certain asanas, mudras, and mantras assist with this visualization and activation of each chakra.

These Kundalini Yoga poses and Kriya Yoga sets work slowly to activate each chakra, awaken Kundalini, and lead to a new conscious state of being.

Kundalini Yoga Poses to Activate the 7 Chakras

Use this guide to awaken Kundalini through yoga poses, mudras, and mantras.

1. The Root Chakra (Muladhara)

Fear is our biggest obstacle in life. All of the decisions we make depend on our natural instinct for safety. So, releasing the buildup of tension in the root chakra allows us to surrender and take the first step to live a life without fear.

Asanas- Crow pose, warrior I, bridge pose (opens up the hips and builds a strong foundation of confidence)

Mudra- Ksepana Mudra (allows surrender to occur and releases negative energy)

Mantra- Mul Mantra (the beginning of a spiritual journey)

2. The Sacral Chakra (Svadisthana)

We are controlled by our desires which make us human. This includes our relationships, emotions, and our ability to innovate. Opening this chakra can heal bad habits that keep us trapped in a robotic lifestyle, thus we make better decisions that reveal our true nature.

Asanas- Cow face pose, sat kriya, bound angle pose (provides control of sexual urges while removing stigmas that block the natural flow of sensual energy)

Mudra- Shakti Mudra (invoke sexuality and sensation through divine feminine energy)

Mantra- Adi Shakti (calling the divine mother in order to release tension and obtain desires)

3. The Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura)

The quality of our physical health originates from the gut. Removing blockages from the navel region promotes vitality while strengthening the core of our being. Help the Kundalini to rise by improving energy levels and confidence in this chakra.

Asanas- boat pose, lying stretch pose, sun salutation (elongate the center of your body to improve overall health, balance, and control in order to be ready for a Kundalini Awakening)

Mudra- Rudra Mudra (a direct incantation to Shiva, which promotes concentration, clarity, and power)

Mantra- Har Mantra (representing the infinite, this mantra develops the confidence to prosper and move forward)

4. The Heart Chakra (Anahata)

An empathetic heart is kind, understanding, and giving. When the heart chakra is blocked, relationships can feel meaningless and unfriendly. Kundalini must be aware of the oneness with the universe in order to continue its rise and become immaculate.

Asanas- Cobra pose, camel pose, eagle pose (projecting the chest outward leaves you vulnerable yet peaceful, a combination that blends the physical with the supernatural)

Mudra- Padma Mudra (welcomes in an abundance of love and new opportunities)

Mantra- Guru Ram Das (surrenders the heart to humility and service to the unending universe)

5. The Throat Chakra (Vishuddha)

The source of communication comes from our ability to speak clearly and truthfully. Opening the throat chakra helps you to freely express yourself verbally and non-verbally through body language. Through this action, you project more of your genuine self to the world.

Asanas- Shoulder stand, fish pose, bridge pose (poses that release tension in the throat can contribute to an emotionally balanced being; one that is sensible yet compassionate)

Mudra- Granthita Mudra (heals the physical throat and reveals truths of the inner self)

Mantra- Humee Hum (the chant literally means “we are god,” portraying the true identity of the human soul that is reflected through our choice of language and expression of self)

6. The Third Eye Chakra (Ajna)

The penal gland rests at the third eye point, which is believed to be the home of our soul. Here resides our intuition and portal to the 6th dimension. Revealing the third eye gives clarity of thought, improves focus, and heightens our connection to brahma (godly consciousness)

Asanas- Child’s pose, lotus, cat/cow pose (you should begin to feel an extreme pressure in between your eyebrows as the Kundalini rises to your third eye, releasing a euphoric burst of energy)

Mudra- Mudra of the Great Head (unlock hidden wisdom and intuitive potential that will lead to your eventual Kundalini Awakening)

Mantra- Om or Aum (the sacred sound of the universe harmonizes the soul with the divine, which aligns your i

nner vibration with your surroundings)

7. The Crown Chakra (Sahasrara)

This is the final stage of a Kundalini Awakening as light bursts through the top of your head. Aligning your crown chakra leads to a completely balanced self of mind, body, and spirit. The seventh chakra also acts as a gateway to the spiritual realm.

Asanas- Headstand, lotus, corpse pose (the crown chakra takes deep meditation to activate, but it should also be used with caution as it is an intense experience)

Mudras- Mudra of A Thousand Petals (the crown chakra is also known as the thousand-pedaled lotus as it represents the infinite of existence through the process of rebirth and death)

Mantra- Wahe Guru (sym

bolizing the transition from ignorance to wisdom and the complete appreciation for the divine energy aka god.

A Kundalini Awakening Takes Time and Effort

As each chakra is activated, the Kundalini energy begins to rise. This takes an extreme amount of concentration, practice, and time to achieve. That makes a Kundalini Awakening a process that can be developed over many lifetimes. Each step taken should be fully embraced before moving on to the next stage, otherwise, Kundalini Yoga can become dangerous when done in a quick irresponsible manner.

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