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Spiritual Guidance

The world is a mysterious place often filled with more questions than answers. While some questions may never have answers, it is important to still ask them instead of ignoring them. When you do this, a spiritual awakening occurs (usually without knowing). 

This process can be frightening and isolating as, in most cases, we go through a spiritual awakening alone at first. The old ways of doing things and the people in our lives may begin to feel strange. And you likely will be in search of answers in unknown places and from unknown people. 

The spiritual community calls this period a dark knight of the soul because it is pulling back a veil of an illusion that once felt so real. It can be painful to change your mind, find out that the truth isn't the truth, and that there is much more to this reality that you once called home. 

Having someone by your side that has been through this process on many levels is comforting. I am here to listen and offer as much advice as you wish to hear. There is no judgement or criticism in spiritual guidance, only a loving embrace of understanding as I welcome you to a new reality. 

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Talk to me about your spiritual awakening to help you along your journey. 

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