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Yoga Therapy

You may have taken a yoga course in a studio or practiced a yoga sequence at home using an online video. In most cases, these types of yoga practices focus mainly on yoga asanas or postures as well as light meditation and/or breathwork (pranayama). These sessions last about 30 minutes to an hour and are conducted in a group setting. 

How My Sadhana is Different

Yoga therapy differs from this type of yoga because it is a holistic practice that first considers the individual needs of the client. Sessions are held in private and can be on-going between one client and one counselor. There is an end goal that is discussed throughout this relationship.

The practice of yoga therapy is customized to fulfill this goal through thoughtful asana sequences, relevant meditation techniques, and specific pranayama work to accommodate the individual's condition and purpose of therapy. Clients will also experience more than a physical transformation in a yoga therapy session as the mind and spirit embodies the practice as well. 

Additionally, a yoga therapy practice is meant to be taken with the client and used throughout their every-day life. Therefore, it is not a practice that comes and goes during the session but rather transforms the client's existence in the world. 

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